Latest News - 9 October 2017

Jim Burnett (Senior worker) -
Jim has been asked to speak at a conference organised by the Argentine Assemblies Missionary Fund to mark the work done by mission workers. 
Mario and Helen Ponce -
Mario and Helen would value prayer for their church's annual conference on 13-15 October. 
Nat and Jennifer Rodgers -
Nat and Jennifer would appreciate prayer for the prison ministry and the work in their local church. Pray as they visit other churches and assemblies to encourage in their witness, home Bible studies and future visits with Norwegian believers in the Ukraine.
Colin and Rosemary Sheldon
A number of people take an interest in the opportunity Colin has in teaching 'Bible Explorer' in classrooms in Dublin. At the beginning of September, Colin visited the schools to make appointments for the new school year. He was met by principals with open diaries, and so far this school year, he will teach in 20 schools, and 60 programmes. The classes began on 11 September, and have gone well so far, with a lot of interaction in the classrooms.
Glasgow Office -
Men's Breakfasts - Please pray that there will be a good attendance at these breakfasts and for our guest speakers: Sir Matt Baggott and Rod Jones. Sir Matt will be speaking in Glasgow on 18 November, while Rod will be in Edinburgh on 11 November.
Ethiopia -
Pray for John Gamble and Alan Park as they travel to Ethiopia and meet with Rupert Abbot and John Aitken to attend the Pan African Conference, 9-13 October.
India -
Pray for Ian and Margaret Burness, who are in India until 16 October. Ian will be teaching with Stephen Shaw at the Bible school at Nidadavol, Beracah, 9-12 October and at Nambur for a Mission teaching weekend to churches and others, 13-15 October.
Cheques to Echoes of Service
Kindly continue to make any cheques payable to "Echoes of Service" until 31 December 2017, and then to "Echoes International" from 1 January 2018.


Please join with us in praying for these matters. 
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